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Contract Termination Dates

Share this Post Contracts typically include an end date or state that it will be for a fixed period. Where the contract explicitly states the end date, parties can engage …

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Survival Clauses

Share this Post These are provisions in an agreement which impose obligations after termination or expiration of the agreement. When a contract is terminated, it is often said that it …

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The law in regard to matrimonial property

Matrimonial property constitutes the following:- Trust property, including property held in trust under customary law, does not form part of matrimonial property. Parties to an intended marriage may enter into …

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Child Support or Maintenance

Child Support or maintenance is  payment made as a contribution to the cost of raising a child often made by a parent who does not have custody of the child. …

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Inheritance for adopted children

Can your adopted child(ren) inherit your property in equal measure as your biological children?   A child entitled to inherit  is defined as any child born out of wedlock, in …

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Laws encompassing child custody

Share this Post Laws encompassing child custody Child custody may be defined as the decision-making ability regarding the important aspects of a child’s life.   The “best interests of the …

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